Funding Risk

Know the Risks Carefully Before Starting to Fund Wisely

Learn the risk information carefully to avoid potential losses from your funding through KreditPro.

Funding Risk Disclaimer

It is necessary to understand that in funding activities in P2P lending, the possibility of losses received by the lender may occur.

Prior to listing on the marketplace, a loan application will undergo a risk mitigation process, namely a rigorous selection through a credit-scoring system that has been tested and strengthened by a professional and experienced team of KreditPro credit assessors. However, this still does not guarantee that funding will always end up risk-free.

Therefore, learning funding risks is recommended for lenders before starting to fund.

Risk Level

The risk level is an indicator or label given to a loan by KreditPro based on the results of selection and analysis through credit-scoring technology and strengthened by the KreditPro professional team in managing loan risk. The risk level formulation is prepared and developed with many supporting parameters that can describe the character and condition of the Borrower and the loan, which can be used by lenders to measure the quality of the Borrower and loan, as well as the returns that can be obtained.

Failed to Pay

The level of risk that has been given does not guarantee the success of timely loan repayment, nor the success of funding. Factors beyond control, such as serious illness or death, can lead to potential defaults.

In the condition of default, collection efforts will be carried out schematically by KreditPro. We will update the latest developments on collection efforts on the Borrower via email and application notifications to get a solution that is not detrimental to all parties. In collection efforts that are carried out through a Third Party Billing Team appointed by KreditPro, the billing procedure is based on the applicable laws in Indonesia.

However, KreditPro cannot guarantee the success of efforts to collect defaulted loans, so Lenders may suffer losses from the funding invested in the defaulted loans.


Fraud is an act of cheating, manipulation, or deviation from the use of an account or identity from what it should be, which can cause harm to other parties for personal gain.

KreditPro has anticipated fraud to occur with lender protection through an online security and risk management system that has gone through a testing stage before being implemented.

Economic Recession or Crisis

A recession is a term used to describe a situation in which a country's economic turnaround is slow or bad.

An economic crisis is a condition in which the economy in a country experiences a very significant decline. The economic crisis can be caused by excessive state debt, high inflation rates, and other causes.

This condition may cause an increase in defaults, so that the process of returning funds and returns for lenders is disrupted.

Bankrupt Company

The KreditPro company has a strong corporate foundation and is supported by a solid, highly competent, professional, and experienced management and operational team. However, the potential for bankruptcy caused by unexpected conditions cannot be avoided by any company. In this condition, the management and the entire KreditPro team will try to minimize losses to all parties.

Legal Proceedings

Legal disputes with borrowers and lenders will be resolved through litigation. However, the outcome of such litigation is unpredictable and potentially time-consuming.

KreditPro will take the most effective legal route and be assisted by experienced legal consultants in dealing with any legal disputes that occur.

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