Invoice Financing

Take Advantage of Invoice Financing to Keep Work Running Smoothly

Do not let project completion activities be hampered because the bill has not been paid. Apply for an Invoice Financing loan for faster business growth opportunities.

Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing Expedites Company's Financial Flow With No Worry of Unpaid Bills

Invoice Financing is intended for business actors who want to increase business growth and accelerate the company's cash cycle process without worrying of unpaid bills/invoices from payors/bouwheers.

This facility is in the form of funding or taking over of bills to KreditPro before the due date, so that you, as a Borrower, can get faster payments so that cash flow remains smooth and the business continues to run well.

At KreditPro, you can get loan funds up to 95% of the invoice value submitted.

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Loan Submission Stages

Prepare Invoice Documents from Payor/Bouwheer

Prepare Invoice Documents from Payor/Bouwheer

Make sure you have a valid invoice document from Payor/Bouwheer as the basis for the loan.

Apply for a Loan

Apply for a Loan

Log in with a borrower account and apply for an Invoice Financing type loan. If you don't have an account, you can register as a borrower.

Complete Loan Data and Documents

Complete Loan Data and Documents

Prepare softcopy of documents, then fill in the data and upload all the documents needed for loan application.

Wait for Loan Approval

Wait for Loan Approval

The data and documents that you have sent will go through a process of checking and approval by the KreditPro team in a relatively fast time.

Funding Process

Funding Process

Loan applications that successfully pass the approval process will be listed on the KreditPro marketplace to be funded by lenders.

Loan Disbursement

Loan Disbursement

The loan will be disbursed after the funding process is successful. Adhere to the loan repayment due date to maintain the performance of your next loan.

Loan Simulation

Find out what loan projections you can get.

Loan Simulation Calculator


Invoice Amount


Loan Amount


Estimated loan amount that can be obtained maximum :ltv: of Invoice Amount.

Tenor (month)


Loan Return Amount


Fees not included:

*Calculations are still in the form of projection results. The final result may change depending on the results of the scoring performed
*Fees do not include late payment penalties.

Loan Submission Terms

  • A business entity in the form of Limited Liability Company (PT), Limited Partnership (CV), or Trading Business (UD).
  • Has been operating for at least 2 years, as evidenced by the financial statements of the business entity.
  • Has at least one invoice document that has not been paid which is the basis for the loan (underlying).
  • Includes supporting documents such as current account for the last 6 months and other supporting documents.

No need to worry about unpaid invoices, your cash flow is maintained with the Invoice Financing loan product from KreditPro.

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