Fees and Interest Rates

Fees and Interest Rates

We are always committed in providing you with full transparency regarding the fees and interest that apply to the KreditPro platform service.

Fees and Interest Rates


Interest fee refers to the level of risk resulting from the credit-scoring process by the Kredivest Analyst Team. When a Borrower applies for a loan, KreditPro will automatically analyze every data, document, and other information submitted by the Borrower. The results of the analysis will produce the Risk Level as a parameter for the level of interest fees paid by the Borrower.

Platform Fees

Fees charged to the borrower once the loan approved, are paid at the time of disbursement and deducted directly. This fee is paid one time per loan.

Late Penalty

Fees charged to borrowers when late loan payments occur. This fee is charged from the first day the delay occurs until the fee is paid.

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